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(24/09/2021) News & Gossip - This year
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2021-09-07 13:38:00
- Ascot Rotary Club working in the community

Remembering all of the Horses killed in the 1st and 2nd World War. ...more...

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- Ascot Rotary Club working in the community

On Friday 23rd July, the Rotary Club of Ascot were gifted the 4.10pm Handicap Stakes to complement their onsite bucket shake – the first charity to do so post-pandemic. William Stokes, Club President is seen pictured presenting trophies to the winning connections.

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2021-06-20 22:48:13
- Ascot Rotary ‘Handover’ meeting at Windlesham Golf Club

Hi Everyone As you are no doubt aware, the Covid restrictions on group gatherings has been extended until Monday 19th July. Unfortunately this extension has caused the postponement of what would have been our ‘Handover’ meeting which was due to take place at Windlesham Golf Club on Wednesday 30th June. Many of you had booked to attend the event, but fear not! We have rescheduled the meeting which will now take place at the ...more...

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- International Committee Report AGM 2020/2021

Report added to International section


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- Message from our President Elect, William Stokes


The Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland Young Writer competition is designed to support and encourage development of writing skills. Open to young students between 7 years and 17 years age it is divided into 3 age groups, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. There are 3 stages to the competition, Local, District and National. Winner of the Intermediate age group, at the Local stage of the competition organised by the Rotary Club of Ascot,, is John Holden, a pupil at ...more...


A few years ago, as part of the Eradicate Polio campaign we planted purple crocus bulbs by the side of the road in Sunninghill.  Unfortunately the area we were allowed to plant them was then dug up by Council workmen!  However, the bulbs were obviously made to withstand that sort of thing and Tony Love photgraphed these today - enjoy - Spring is on the way!

The attached is a tribute to David Marshall that was read on 9 Mach 2021, at his memorial service held at St Michael's Church Sunninghill. David joined the Rotary Club in October 2004 and by joining he also became a member of a worldwide organization - something that he was soon to feel passionate about.  As far as David was concerned the ideals of the Rotary organization matched his own outlook on life. David quickly settled down in the club and developed a keen ...more...

This money will enable Whizz Kidz to carry on with their crucial work of providing  purpose, mobility, pride and dignity to so many young disabled people.
The Rotary Club of Ascot thanks all who took part and donated to our support for  “Ride of the Ruperts” Winter Walk for Whizz Kidz The impact of just ordinary folk rising above downbeat times, taking a nice safe walk, a photo or two and donating together.  What a way to start the ...more...

Your support for our club's fund raising activities along with our great friends at Boehringer-Ingelheim of Bracknell has enabled Rotary Ascot to donate some £3400 to a local project, initiated by the wonderful Georgie Tindall, providing laptops for primary school children in the Ascot, Windsor and Bracknell catchment areas. Thank you. In cooperation with the Sunninghill Hope Trust, and other local charitable organizations, the project, to date, has raised over ...more...

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